About Us

Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre (Private) Limited is registered under the Companies Act, 2017 (XIX of 2017) through the Securities And Exchange Commission Of Pakistan. The main objective of the “Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre” is to promote Education, and Learning, Promotion and Dissemination of Constructive and Research Trends, Character Building, Preaching and Guidance. The Centre will run under the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah and the laws of Pakistan, promoting and researching, and disseminating ancient and modern sciences. “Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre”  will not allow any action on Quran and Hadith, Seerah, Fiqh, Islamic History, all aspects of Islamic Studies, and beyond the laws of Pakistan. The Centre will transcend all forms of political affiliation. If any person affiliated with this Centre is found to be involved in any banned or anti-national activities, it will be considered as his act and that person will be held accountable and responsible. No action of the Centre will be involved in this. The political ideology of the “Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre” will be only Islam and the ideology of Pakistan.

  1. Under this Centre, religious, intellectual, and moral training of the people will be imparted through the accepted and agreed teachings of Islam.
  2. Various arrangements will be made to introduce Islamic sciences to the people. These will include Scientific and Research Conferences, Seminars, and Various Workshops.
  3. The Centre will acquaint young researchers with the directions and contemporary trends of research work in Islamic Sciences at different levels.
  4. The Centre will take positive steps to promote modern education to make the people true Muslims and loyal Pakistani’s and to adorn them with education.
  5. In addition, to defend the religion of Islam, the Centre will also make initiatives and developments towards the subject of research.
  6. The Centre will work Scientifically to clarify the usefulness and necessity of Islamic teachings that it is an important need of today.
  7. The Centre will play a positive role in promoting interfaith harmony.
  8. Research and authorship services will be provided under this Centre. Keeping this factor in mind, the bi-annual Scientific Research Journal “International Research Journal on Islamic Studies (IRJIS)” is being launched following the required rules and regulations of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. In which creative and research articles on any aspect related to Islamic Sciences in English, Urdu and Arabic Languages will be published. This will open a new chapter for the researchers of Pakistan and especially the South Punjab.
  9. Opinions will be sought from the Editorial and Advisory Board to test the high quality of research papers before publication and the process of research, the creative and critical publication will begin in the light of the obtained opinions.
  10. The CEO and Directors of the organization will be Supreme Officials who will supervise all the affairs of the Centre. They will have all kinds of powers and from time to time will take various steps for the betterment of the Centre. And can appoint a qualified person to perform various functions of the Centre. Also, any responsible person can be removed from office without any reason.

Volunteers interested in becoming members of the “Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre” can contact the staff through the following email address:alriazqrs@gmail.com Office: Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre. Office: H. No: BVII 316/45, Street No. 4, Nishat Colony near Radio Pakistan of Bahawalpur, Punjab.Email: infoalriazqrs@gmail.com

May Allah help us all to work in the right direction in the field of research. Ameen